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Re: "We need a hacker!" - Give LA class the Rek

Just to clarify how it worked in PS1:

To do any kind of hacking, you had to equip a REK (Remote Electronics Kit). This went in a small (pistol-sized) weapons slot and was available to all characters (could not be un-certed either) and armor types excluding MAXes (who can't use any equipment besides their guns at all).

The two most common and important things to use a REK on were:
- IFF locks on enemy tower and base doors. Unless the door had just been opened by someone else, you could not enter an enemy tower or base without disabling the door lock first. This took a few seconds of hacking and lasted for a duration (like half a minute or so). Besides all entrance doors, the doors that led to the spawn room, the generator room, and the control console room of a base also had IFF doors. If a base was hacked or had its generator down, IFF locks were disabled. From what we know so far, IFF locks won't be in PS2.
- Hack control consoles, the basic action to take over a tower or base, and to resecure a base hack. Hacking a CC the way anyone could took some time tho - 60 seconds uninterrupted.

Now, to do more with your REK, and do it faster, you could cert into various Hacking certs:

- Hacking: decreased all hacking times by about a third. IIRC, it also enabled you to hack open lockers (which were inaccessible when a base was hacked). Overall tho, Hacking provided very little benefit for a significant cert point cost (3). Noone would just cert hacking, you only took it because it was a prerequisite to cert...

- Advanced Hacking: This decreased hacking times again (so only 20 secs for a CC now, and very fast for doors). Most importantly, it led you hack open any terminals (equipment and vehicle terms) on hacked bases (which were otherwise inaccessible), and also on enemy bases.

Later on, two more certs on top of AdvHacking were introduced:

- Data Corruption: Lets you use a REK variant (T-REK) used to mess with various things: Infect base/tower turrets as well as deployable turrets (Spitfires and variants) to make them auto-attack friendlies instead of enemies; this would last something like 5 mins. Infect bases via their Main Terminal with one of several viruses among them disabled radar for the base owners, doubled NTU drain on the base, all IFF doors open, all equipment terminals open for everyone. Lastly, the T-REK could be used to fire a sluggish projectile at vehicles that would slow them waaay down.

- Expert Hacker: Another decrease in hacking times. Enabled you to purge all the equipment Data Corruptors could infect. Also led you hack a friendly base generator or spawn room for ~1 min for the benefit of increased strength pain field that auto-damages enemies inside that room.

Just to give you an idea what it's like in PS1. Some things will not apply in PS2 (like door locks and most likely inaccessible terms in hacked bases).

IMO, hacking a CC is such a basic operation that it should in no way be restricted to just a select one or two classes. For additional hacking abilities or faster hacking times (E3 footage featured very fast hacking, but that may have been for presentation purposes), I'd say it's debatable to have those class-dependent. Not sure LA should be the one to look for that first tho. If the argument is "LA needs something to distinguish itself", I'd say a jetpack is easily enough for an advantage and unique selling point of the class.
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