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Re: "We need a hacker!" - Give LA class the Rek

Baneblade: Scouting should be the work of infiltrators, That includes lasing targets and placing markers.

MCYRook: It's not so much about "selling the class" as it is about building more depth into the class system. I have always said hacking should be the realm of the dedicated few. Let me put it this way, one of these guys is a potential hacker, one is not:

Another example is in "Aliens". Here's your hacker and your squad leader - both are Light Assaults:

akiadan: The lack of an inventory system isn't a problem. The REK or Comm Link would replace their pistol sidearm.

Knotz & Rabaan: C4 actions like that are beter suited to infiltrators who are made to seperate from their squads and sneak up on people / tanks. Besides, HA and Maxes both already have great AV roles.

As to the arguement that you should not limit hacking to one class, I think that's simply rolling over to the rambo mentality. Taking a base should be a TEAM effort and the idea of any joe-schmo running in and flipping the flag goes against team-building. Here's an example:

"Alpha squad to platoon leader - we have secured the comm but our hacker is down!"
"Alright Alpha - hold that comm. I'm sending over a hacker now."
Platton leader to Bravo squad - Pull your hacker, medic, and heavy and circle around to Alpha's position - we need that comm terminal online asap"

That's just way cooler than imo.

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