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Re: "We need a hacker!" - Give LA class the Rek

Originally Posted by The Degenatron View Post
As to the arguement that you should not limit hacking to one class, I think that's simply rolling over to the rambo mentality.
What that does is it makes having that one "hacker class" MANDATORY to have around to do anything that involves capping a point (i.e., the objective that the whole game is supposed to revolve around).

Talk about restrictive gameplay. That's not "way cool", that's just super annoying IMO.

When I imagine that in PS1 resecuring a base is not something that can be done by anyone (albeit inefficiently), I shudder. Capping a point is so basic and essential a task that it's really more of a nuisance than anything else to have it be done only by a select few.

Edit: Also, think about the gameplay ramifications for the LA himself in your cool scenario. He must not die, because if he's down (and his Medic is also), then no matter how good his teammates do, the objective is fucked. So the LA is required to hang back, take no risks, not make use of his cool jetpack either cause that might split him off the group, and basically do nothing until his buddies clear the point. Then he goes in to hack, that's his prime job. Now there's a role I know I don't want to take. :P

And another thing: It was pretty common in PS1 to "protect the AdvHacker" and create much of the scenario you like, just because having to hack the CC for 20 secs is way smoother than having to do it for 60 secs. But making the Hacker the only one that can do it at all? Balls to that. :P

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