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Re: "We need a hacker!" - Give LA class the Rek

Originally Posted by The Degenatron View Post
Let me put it this way, one of these guys is a potential hacker, one is not:

Why? Because one has glasses and the other doesn't?

Originally Posted by The Degenatron View Post
You're gonna find having a Medic is pretty manditory too. As well as having an Engineer. As well as having Heavies. If a class is "not needed", it won't get used.

Keep in mind that this is an alternate load-out for LAs, not a manditory configuration. If a player wants to go as a LA shock unit, then don't equip for hacker on comm.

And objectives can be held. Just because your Doc and Nerd get the working end of an enemy max doesn't mean all is lost. You can still lay do a perimeter and hold it until they get back. In fact, they might just drop in at your location.
The problem is that hacking doesn't take any equipment in the first place and all infantry can hack. It's still unknown whether all infantry can upgrade their hacking times or if only infiltrators can. We don't even know what all benefits hacking certs will entail. Part of the reason infiltrators get the hacking certs is so they're not a completely lone wolf class. All the classes in the game should have some manner of team play associated with them. That's why I mentioned the target painting; LAs have enough tasks on their plate now without adding something as important as hacking as well. Target painting would be a light weight and useful skill for a class that is able to easily reach vantage points and it compliments the guerrilla, attack-points-of-opportunity design.

I would hardly call LAs cheerleaders at this point just because they lost ammo drops (which probably shouldn't have been theirs in the first place).

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