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Re: "We need a hacker!" - Give LA class the Rek

People think that jumpjets are cool and for that it's the ultimate ability, but the truth is that it's just increased mobility. That said, i agree that LAs need something to give them an alternative role (different objectives in the battlefield other than hit'n run), but i feel that hacking doesn't fit.

The reason i think Infs are better suited as hackers is because when they sneak in and hack a node, they draw attention from the front lines making the enemy split their attention. The job of a stealther isn't to go in and win the node on their own, it's first diversion: to make the enemy stay on their toes even inside their own base, spread around instead of focused on the front door. And then, once a significant force manages to get inside, the Inf would hack the node again but now the others would be there to help secure it.

The LAs wouldn't be able to get in undetected, they would just draw attention to whichever side entrance they would try to use. That's already their current objective, to flank the enemy... it would add nothing to their responsabilities.

Btw, in another thread that also derailed into "what should we give LAs to replace the ammo", i think someone pointed out that everyone can plant C4, not just 1 class. Can someone confirm or deny that?

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