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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Figment View Post
Hey Ratstomper, if Manpower doesn't matter as you claim, why do we even bother balancing units against each other both for individuals and groups of players?

It is at the very basis of game design.
I never said that manpower doesn't matter. I said there's already enough advantage for 3 guys to use a massive gun platform. You don't balance individual units against each other in a game like this, you balance team structure against other team structures because the game is designed around large battles with multiple people.

Now, splitting up all the positions over a gunner=driver system is, in my opinion, giving an advantage to the 3-manned tank. I'm ok with that because 1) I'm not a nitpicky asshole 2) there's a slight tradeoff for the small fact you might get three kills instead of two if you kill it.

Your crappy driver and gunner setup isn't even viable in PS2 and would only screw MBTs over.

Originally Posted by fod View Post
ahh now i think i understand - its been confusing with all the huge posts different people post it makes it hard to exactly follow whats going on, its probably nobodys else fault but my own but oh well (also i think i was starting to get different people confused)
Not necessarily. Figment is usually incoherent and likes to talk out both sides of his face. It makes it difficult to understand what he's saying when he isn't blatantly insulting you for having a different veiwpoint.
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