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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Lumberchuk View Post
The ability to fire on the move with increased precision is one advantage. Being able to concentrate on driving while your gunner concentrates on gunning will cause both of you to preform your respective tasks better.
Nobody disagrees with that, the extend to which this is an advantage is disagreed upon.

The pro-SoloSide who don't really feel for team units and at most the suggested compromise that gives players no additional edge over them, thinks they're excellent solo drivers and wont suffer any significant disadvantages.

Meanwhile, they also claim what to them is a minor driving efficiency difference would completely balance everything if the other get more firepower and endurance for the same amount of players. Apparently that's not an advantage on multiple counts that directly affects TTK?

A very inconsistent and indefensible point of view if you ask me.

To your other point: Under the circumstances of the current PS2 system and this "compromise", basically that's what I'm saying, yes. Under the system I'd want, obtaining gunners would be far more valuable because the units are based on requiring gunners and would be endurance and firepower wise on par and THEN get the teamwork dedication bonus (rather than being half in either or both endurance and firepower to the alternative).

In my vision, either a multi-crew unit cannot effectively be used solo (very weak and restricted gun like PS1 Magrider or on their own trumped by other units like the PS1 Liberator), OR a multi-crew vehicle while running solo gets much worse endurance statistics.

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