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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Figment View Post
But one guy in a massive gun platform with the hitpoints of 3 guys in a massive gun platform has no advantage at all.
Having three guys in a tank manning all stations means that tank has more efficiency than a gunnerdriver and gunner tank. The same amount of duties are being split among 3 people instead of two. That's an advantage. It's offset by the fact that if you want 3 guys in your vehicle focused on one thing each, then if the tank blows up, they all may die. That's a fair tradeoff.

Then why are you so adamant on balancing ONE unit against ONE other unit based on the power of ONE man? Because that is what you are doing.
I'm comparing the variants of the one vehicle, not against anything else. If we're talking an optional sidegrade to separate gunners and drivers, then the optional sidegrade shouldn't have substantial benefits over the original.

I'm not reading the rest of your BS wall of text. Learn to keep up with the discussion and then maybe I'll take you seriously.
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