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Re: Dedicated driver certification for MBT

Originally Posted by Ratstomper View Post
Having three guys in a tank manning all stations means that tank has more efficiency than a gunnerdriver and gunner tank. The same amount of duties are being split among 3 people instead of two. That's an advantage. It's offset by the fact that if you want 3 guys in your vehicle focused on one thing each, then if the tank blows up, they all may die. That's a fair tradeoff.
Only if it has equal power to THREE people in other roles.

You keep comparing TO ONE VEHICLE. Stop acting so obstinate. You heard if 500 times and you keep refusing to balance 3 vs 3, but continuously whine that 1 vs 2 is in favour of 2 and 1 vs 3 in favour of 3.

OF COURSE IT IS. We never argued it wasn't. We're argueing about OTHER SCENARIOS YOU REFUSE TO ADMIT EXIST AND REFUSE TO BALANCE FOR. Like I said many times before, you're a horrible balancer due to your shortsightedness and incapacity and even refusal to draft various scenarios.

But 2 vs 2 should be in favour of the two in one unit.

And 3 vs 3 as well.

Because both times those two and three in one unit have less separate units and thus less other advantages.

How often do we need to tell you that before you realise you're the one who can't think out of ONE SINGLE SCENARIO, which is one unit (with x players) vs one of the SAME unit (with y players)?

While ignoring x units (with one player) vs one unit (of x players)

I'm comparing the variants of the one vehicle, not against anything else. If we're talking an optional sidegrade to separate gunners and drivers, then the optional sidegrade shouldn't have substantial benefits over the original.
Manpower "sidegrades" aren't the same as changing the gun. It's a sidegrade that REMOVES ANOTHER UNIT FROM THE FIELD.

It's completely non-comparable!

You're just unwilling to see this.

I'm not reading the rest of your BS wall of text. Learn to keep up with the discussion and then maybe I'll take you seriously.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. You're the one not keeping up Ratstomper. You're really shortsighted about what a sidegrade is (changing unit stats for the individual player) and what manpower balance is (changing unit stats for a group of players).

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