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This idea has probably already been proposed in one form or another but I am way too lazy to crawl through all the forum to confirm that. So here is my idea.

All the threads I have seen on arty have been based on the self-propelled model of arty like the flail but the primary model for field artillery in real world armies is the towed crew-served weapon. So my thought is to use this as the primary model for conversations about arty in PS2. Rather than simply being an oversized tank that can be driven, deployed and fired by a single player, artillery would be more like it has been throughout its history, it would require a whole squad to man and operate and it would take more than a few seconds to set up. A towed M198 155mm howitzer requires 5 minutes or more to deploy and requires a crew of between 5-8 to fire and that's not including all the support personal, communications, fire direction control, forward observers, ammo supply drivers, etc. This model of artillery creates a scenario in which artillery could only be deployed by a large group of players all working together.

Now I don't really care one way or the other if we have arty in PS2 or not. What I am saying here is that we shift our model when discussing the possibility of arty away from the flail and toward the classic model of field artillery as a gun towed into a position by another vehicle, deployed and manned by a crew rather than an individual.
Sounds good.

How about reloading these deployed-fixed artillery is like hacking a base. You hop out, hold down your "E" button and it slowly reloads another shell, then hop back into the gunner's position and fire. Say it takes 20 seconds to load a shell. With 2 players it takes 10 seconds. With 3 players it takes 7 seconds. And the vehicle exit-enter animation is 10 seconds. So optimum group play is 1 gunner and 4 reloaders, and one forward observer to laze target.


1) Takes 20 seconds for 1 player to reload, each additional player halves reload time. Exit vehicle and hit "E" button to reload, sort of like hacking a flag. The little circle takes 20 seconds for 1 player.

2) Exit/enter animation is 10 seconds

3) Can only fire one shot at a time, before needing reload

4) Can only fire after someone laze target, no dumb firing. Laze functions the same as PS1.

5) Takes 1 minute to deploy/undeploy

5) Is a big fat target deployed or undeployed

6) Drives slow

7) Missiles show up on everyone's minimap exactly like it was in PS1.

8) Maximum range is as long a reaver flying straight for 1 minute.


So you can theoretically have 1 player soloing artillery.

-Would take that player a few minutes to drive to a hidden spot

-1 minute to set up.

-20 seconds to load in one shell

-10 seconds to enter vehicle

-About 20 seconds to find a laze'd target if he's in a squad with someone lazing

-10 seconds to exit vehicle

-20 seconds to reload another shell

-10 seconds to reenter vehicle

-Shoot again.

About 45 seconds per shell fired.


With 4 players on artillery 1 person shooting, 3 people reloading, you can shoot a shell of once every 7 seconds. You still need someone lazing target though.

Anyone who's against artillery needs to have their head checked.

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