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Re: Another Artillery Thread

So let's see uh.

A optimum 4 player artillery squad would be 1 player driving up the artillery followed by 3 players in AA-tanks. They setup and keep their AA-tanks really close so when they spot Reavers, they can hop into their tanks real quick and shoot at Reaver.

1 Reaver wouldn't be much of a challenge. 2 Reavers would be a little harder to defend against. 3 Reavers a 50:50 chance or maybe easier to take out.

Or one player in a fast plane could be scouting behind enemy lines for artillery and eject out of their plane at a safe distance, stealthily creep up on that artillery and laze target for counter-artillery to take them out in one hit. BOOM!


Multiboxers. 1 player and 3 bots. If 1 player is gunning then they wont be able to see a Reaver coming and that Reaver would get easy kills on 4 players. Even if that payer would be able to see the Reaver coming, he could only gun one AA-tank at a time with one of his bots. Easy kill for Reaver.


No more hiding behind warp bubble


And if you still think it's too overpowered, have it cost 5-1 infantry resource points to the gunner for every shell fired. eh eh eh eh.
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