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Re: Huge Outfits and PlanetSide 2

Originally Posted by HiroshiChugi View Post
Well i know that on my server, there is one outfit that EVERYONE knows about; ****. They constantly spam invites and have even tried to invite people from the outfit I'm in, if I'm not mistaken. I am in teh 2nd biggest outfit on the server (The First Cavalry Division) and people don't even say anything about us. It's always about ****. I fear that we may soon have no choice but to dissolve into ****, even though our leader will have no part of it. In my opinion, outfits SHOULD have size limits, and possibly have to pay money to increase the capacity of that outfit even.
Ugh, shame to hear that man...

We smaller Outfits on the Red side of Waterson don't have that big of problem, even though we've got TotalBiscuit's Let the Brit Drop AND Angry Joe's Angry Army...

I think this really boils down to base defensibility, right now it's mostly who brings the most numbers that wins.

Take a base with any kind of defensibility against vehicles, like Raven's Landing on Amerish.
The other night, my Outfit The Mobile Infantry [TMI], maybe two open squads worth of people trying to fight a **** zerg rush fell back to Raven's Landing after it was clear we couldn't save Auraxium Firearms Corp.

We held that little base for maybe an hour and a half... and it, was, AWESOME!

At one point we were the only Hex the TR held, so every Smurf in Southern Amerish was banging at our doorstep!

By the time they finally gotten a tank rush together to keep us Spawn Camped, our Zerg had been left alone enought to recap the two hexes next to our Warpgate.

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