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Re: H1Z1 and the cannibalization of Planetside 2

Everyone is so down right now, and that's coming from me! Right now, PS2 is not in a horrible state. Population seems pretty stable and I honestly don't see any glaring issues.
Not really down, just baffled by seemingly bizzare and brazen decisions that makes us reconsider the game's longterm survival. If SOE has already allocated the next year's funds for Planetside 2 then I don't really think there's cause for alarm, and I'd be content with the current development pace. Especially with their dropping the whole weekly patch nonsense... I'd even hope they go back to OMFG mega patches, replete with dev diary videos.

Three reasons why I doubt this is the case however:
  • "Upgrade Now" was out of the blue with poor timing, and felt like a push by higher ups. (If you care about the game, do you really put the button in such a terrible place?)
  • RadarX (Ryan) is really pushing for people to tell their friends and stream videos... despite having basically admitted that the game's recent patches have borked the momentum and requires some time to fix. How about after things are stable again?
  • H1Z1 was unveiled without cinematic trailers or any razzle dazzle of any kind. It suggests everything's in a low expenditure mode.

It'll be what it'll be (It's a videogame, remember?), and I still enjoy Planetside 2 for the two reasons I play it: A) Sniping people and B) Pew pewing ground troops with my Airhammer. As long as I can do those two things, well meh, I'm pretty good. Playing with Platoons and Outfits are fun up until you realize that the continent you painstakingly captured gets re-taken in minutes, and whenever a fight's too hard people just jump "maps".

When I think of the tactical game and what it could be (say, compared to PS1?) is when things get aggravating. I suppose with PS1 going free to play soon I'll just hop into PS1 to get my tactical fix, PS2 to get my sniping fix, and hopefully the guys at Respawn Entertainment put it all together with a Titanfall MMO. Or something.
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