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Lightbulb Meta-Game quick fix

I initially thought warp gate rotation would be a good idea, but having a permanent base that's yours that doesn't change colors after a capture is something that provides a concrete foundation for each empire on each continent.

So what I don't understand is why they don't implement some sort of focus program. Every day, every 6 hours, some time frame like that; create some sort of incentive to take x, y, and z bases on continent q. This would move action off of Indar when those targets are on Esamir, for example. This would also enhance the meta game because ostensibly there would be individual rewards as well as empire rewards that would come with it.

It shouldn't be a random: "Take these three bases". It should have some sort of strategic by-lines:

"The VS discovered alien tech beneath Heyoka. After beginning intercourse with said find there was a massive detonation and now all empires are scrambling to gain control of this technological advantage! Take Heyoka and 2 connecting bases to establish control of the region." (Could grant discounted cert point and station cash costs for a certain period or for given items.)

Once the targeted base is determined, it, and all connecting bases would turn neutral and the masses would descend upon it until a victor emerged as king of the mountain.

Player-established outposts is a great idea too, mine would take very little to implement immediately. So what do you guys think?

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