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Talking Connery - [NE0N] NeonGrind 18+

We take the grind out of the game.

If you like zero drama and some exceptionally chill people, then Neon Grind is for you.
  • We are a fresh, new, active, and open gaming community. With friendly, easy going members, top notch leaders, management, and staff you can be sure that anything you could ever hope for in a gaming community is here.

Neon Grind is a well rounded and experienced community.
  • We built Neon from the ground up to be an exceptional world-wide multi-gaming community. We've gathered great players from a wide variety of games to help lead and guide new and experienced players alike. Despite our wide roster of games, we are passionate about all of them.

What Kind of Players Are We Seeking?
  • We're looking for mature, friendly players that can associate well with others in even in a competitive environment. Regardless of what happens in game, no drama, raging, or screaming will be tolerated.

  • Members must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be an active part of the community.
  • Be classy 98% of the time - respect other gamers and NG members.

Neon Grind and Planetside 2
  • We are actively recruiting all players that are interested in joining, casual or competitive.
  • We value having fun and getting shit done; this means that while we are a relaxed community we are constantly looking to improve ourselves as individuals and as a potent unit.
  • We are constantly looking to test our effectiveness on the battlefield with biweekly ops nights, and we offer training nights to hone our strengths and strengthen our weaknesses.
  • If you are seasoned in the game and you are looking for a friendly, mature and competitive environment, and if you are a new player looking to get better at the game, make an application and play with us today!

Real Life Comes First
  • This is something we understand. Neon Grind will be a friendly environment and be as helpful as possible. Inactivity may occur and we will have appropriate areas where to post if you do go inactive for a good amount of time (2 weeks or more).

Joining Neon Grind
  • If you're interested in joining Neon Grind for any of our supported games (Planetside 2, SWTOR, Battlefield, League of Legends, The Elder Scrolls: Online, Minecraft, Warframe, and Diablo 3), then apply here:
  • Some officer positions are still on offer. If you are interestedin a senior position in the outfit, after you become a member contact Dash or Flick.
  • Lastly, if you have any questions or concerns, please ask us!

See you on Auraxis

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