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Re: LOL @ the VS fail

Are you guys kidding me? GEt you facts straight!

People got summoned to atar. We didint know that to do, if we should move out to the warpgate or if this was intended. Just a minute before the earthquakes, Higby told us to message brewko to get teleported to the WG. Yet, we did spam brew about the matter for the entire time.

When the event started, we just went ahead and did what we assumed the correct thing to do: get a hack on Atar. Some got mossys from atar and just headed to jamshid and other bases, thats why we got that many hacks in the early phase of the fight.

Then, stuff went crazy, and TR and NC just double teamed us. We expected that to happen anyway, as oshur pretty much forces double teaming to happen (the continent is just crap in a 3way, way to small, extremly stupid lattience).
For a lot of the time, we had the lowest pop. Then we got more VS, and NC had the lowest pop. TR? TR had a lot more people all the time.

We hoped that TR and NC would start attacking each other at some point, but they just kept going after Atar nonstop. If they would have went elsewhere even for just a bit, VS would clearly have Won the event. No matter what TR or NC pull off, they clearly cant Stop us without double teaming.

As for the event itself: i did like it a lot, and it should be repeated (the server crashed, so TR had a easy go at the end due to massive pop imbalance), but the next time some changes need to be made. For once, make sure nobody is somewhere where he shouldnt be (Tactical overlay makes checking that super easy), and also, dont start the event untill all 3 factions got even pop. If somehow possible, allow Instant action. It was ment to work based on the forum post, but it didnt. Instant action would have gotten us even pops quickly, instead of this rather large imbalance at some times.

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