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Please help a wronged individual by simply posting a thread in the general discussion

please, in the gernal discussion of the SOE boards for planetside, post this thread if you would be so kind
just title the thread "Ralphdipietro"
I have been banned from eveb PLAYING this game because I brought up someones violations of the TOS and was accused of harrassing them, and quickly silenced.

Heard of serpus?
yeah, hes probably why you post here, and not on SOE...
Well, he's rude, he insults everyone, and he creates possibly 50+ threads a day about nonsense just to spam and troll the boards,
He's got half a dozen of these "Whats your favorire GIOJOE post" on the first page of the general discussion ALONE.

Well, heres the point
I created a thread, to question why this person was still around,
It was deleted and locked, and I was warned for reffering to this person as "garbage"(While in the same thread someone called me a pansy and said something about sand in my vagina...)
To point at that I was singled out, would be an understatement

I have been banned fom even playing the game,
I do not know what serpus, or any of them over there believe I deserved, but I paid money to play this game,
I wouldnt have minded a banning from the forums, but I have BEEN BANNED FROM THE GAME

and I have been banned, for

questioning the fact someone was still around LONG after MULTIPLE OBVIOUS violations of the TOS...
I just cant begin to explain how unfair all of this really is,

banned from a game I paid for? because I brought up what HUNDREDS OF OTHERS ARE FEELING?
and have even mentioned themselves?
There are actually threads on the front page of the general discussion right now, THAT ARE ABOUT GETTIN SERPUS BANNED.
That are about how people agreed with me that he's out of control,

If you, kind person who decides to be my savior, would post SIMPLY THIS THREAD in the general forums over there, simply entitled "What Ralphdipietro had to say in another forum about being BANNED FROM THE GAME today because of serpus"

I cant believe that because I brought up a kids ingorance, I have been banned.
I just cant.

please, if anyone could help me,
this must be addressed over there
they are agreeing with me over there, saying "Serpus should go" "Ralph was right"
yet, THEY DONT EVEN KNOW I was banned for sayin what I said...
please help me

I doubt if you simply post this thread over there, with my name in the title, you'll get in any trouble,

please psot this,
if you know who serpus is, you know why this is SO messed up I was banned FROM THE GAME for questioning why he's still around
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