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Originally Posted by Firefly View Post
Looting isn't economy. Most games feature something where you pick up the spoils of war. An economy requires an exchange. Me picking shit out of your backpack after I rape your face isn't exchanging anything. It's me taking stuff after I have my way with you. The crap in your backpack I can easily acquire elsewhere - provided I kill the shit out of your empire mates or log into an alt/secondary and drop gear for my main. That isn't economy either.
Alrighty Captain Contradiction. Thats where you're wrong. That IS Economy. Hopping on an Alt to Trade weapons. That's damn near economy in every sense of the word.

Also, quote you in a Previous Thread. "no Consumables". What are consumables? medkits? Grenades? Ammo? You state an economy is an exchange. However, if you ever read an ounce beyond "crafting, salvage, etc.." you'd realize that these, are infact, NOT ECONOMY.

how is salvaging parts from a Scrap yard or destroyed vehicle any different than Looting a dead person and putting it in your locker? How is turning something you Loot into something you can use any different than you hopping on an Alt from another Faction and Dropping weapons for yourself?

If you've read even a bit beyond your nose, you'd notice that I'm completely against Out-of-outfit Trade. That the things you salvage are used solely for you and your Outfit.

Do you have "No Economy!!!11one!" on a macro or something? Or is it okay for you emulate a self-serving economy by trading with yourself, but the game shouldn't have it?
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