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What I would like to see is events around new equipment, allowing empires to unlock a new weapon or vehicle first if they achieve a certain set of goals (say holding x amount of research stations for x amount of time).
Goals is the key. There needs to be a Goal. And with obtaining that goal is a feeling of satisfaction, especially if its something that takes quite some time and effort.

Once you have that goal, you reap the benefits. The other factions as well are going to be trying to obtain that goal as well.

But I like the idea of Enemies being able to sabotage (carefully done) what you've gained. the ability to undo what someone else has done will keep morale up and give yet another reason to fight.

If so and so is 3 upgrades ahead of you, and is kicking your ass, whats stopping you from just rolling on that side to enjoy the benefits and kick the little guy?

Well, with sabotaging, the Little guy still has a chance to fight back, and thus, still have a reason to fight back in being able to sabotage and stunt faction advancement.
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