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Re: Will everyone have access to some AV/anti-MAX weaponry?

I imagine any true form of rocket launcher will be assault only. However, these heavy weapons guys will probably be completely reliant on medics and engineers for any real efficient healing/repairs. I'm sure there are med-kits, but those are really for emergencies, not for downtime healing.

Finally, I'm going to believe (if there is any) that SA will be fairly generic and be available to nearly every class. It's all still mostly anti-infantry weaponry, not as effective as close range HA, but won't be replacing an assault rifle either. Something akin to the rocklet rifle might be the proper counter against MAXes for none-heavy weapons guys.

I say heavy weaons guys because we don't know if heavy armor is actually restricted to all but one class. For all we know, medics and engineers can wear heavy armor too, just that the jump trooper can only wear light armor.
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