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Re: Will everyone have access to some AV/anti-MAX weaponry?

Originally Posted by LZachariah View Post
I doubt that Anti-Armor weaponry will be common-pool, the same way that I don't think Sniper rifles will be common-pool. Anti-Armor weapons (like Sniper rifles) serve a very specific and very POWERFUL role. I assume that Anti-Armor will be among the trees in Heavy Assault (in fact, Sniping might be, as well).

Additionally, I don't think that Engineering will contain any Anti-Armor projectile weapons (such as Lancers, Decimators, etc). Combat Engineering is about tools and devices; it's only games like Battlefield that arbitrarily decided that engineers also wield gigantic bazookas. The Anti-Armor weapons that Combat Engineers will have will be anti-tank mines, explosives, etc.
I think you will find there is common pool snipers rifles and AV? i presume you mean though you will have to specilise in a role/class to get access to said weapons though? Im still confused by their system myself, i even talked to a developer and it boggles my mind still.

Yea typically in Planetside the egnieer has always been about deployables and repairs...I dont think that would change just because DICE in their infinite wisdom made enginners carry AV.
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