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Re: Will everyone have access to some AV/anti-MAX weaponry?

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I think you will find there is common pool snipers rifles and AV? i presume you mean though you will have to specilise in a role/class to get access to said weapons though? Im still confused by their system myself, i even talked to a developer and it boggles my mind still.

Yea typically in Planetside the egnieer has always been about deployables and repairs...I dont think that would change just because DICE in their infinite wisdom made enginners carry AV.
Yes, of course you're right; I misused the phrase "common pool," and it came out sounding like there would only be Vanu/Terran/NC Sniper Rifles and Anti-Armor weapons. Right, there are Common Pool sniper rifles and Anti-Armor weapons insofar as all three factions can wield them. I guess what I had meant to say is that I doubt there will be any Sniper Rifles or Anti-Armor weapons that are available to all classes. An Advanced Medic won't be able to wield a sniper rifle, an Infiltrator won't be able to wield a Lancer. If you want to wield a sniper rifle, I think you'll need to choose the "Sniper" class, and if you want to wield an Anti-Armor projectile weapon, you'll need to perhaps choose the Heavy Assault class.

Thanks for the inquiry; you're definitely right about what I meant to say.

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