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Re: Idea for special event

Originally Posted by Skitrel View Post
I want to see a 2000 player zombies event.

Devs start as zombies, knives only. Perhaps they could be cloaked zombies to start to give and edge to get the game rolling.

Players have to hide across the entire continent.

Zombies have to infect everyone.

Die, you're now a zombie hunting everyone on the continent down.

Survive for long enough? A galaxy extraction point happens, survivors have to get to it to escape.

It could go on for several hours.

I've played similar types of events in other games, mainly 2D ones with player created cities. The tension of hiding while vast hordes of rampaging player zombies hunt you down is amazing. Much better than the arena type zombies games with only low player counts.
Dude that sounds awesome. And I don't typically like zombie elements added to games (ie. COD).

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