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Originally Posted by Lokster View Post
Dude that sounds awesome. And I don't typically like zombie elements added to games (ie. COD).
Cod zombies sucks. No no, a real 1 life zombies event where everyone changes sides and has to hunt down zombies would be incredible.

What you do to speed the process up and create vast hordes chasing players down is allow zombies to "teleport" to other zombies. So basically when a zombie finds some humans he tells the other zeds in chat and tonnes of them teleport to him, creating a horde, those humans now have a hell of a job escaping. The key for humans is to kill zeds fast and get the hell away from where they were previously hiding before they come back.

Obviously, ultimately you want the zombies to be relatively tough to kill, if they're tough to kill and in a horde, with regen shields for example, that horde then becomes impossible to kill as when they're low on health the low health ones will just back up in the pack and you're left with full shield ones at the front.

Used to play a tonne of zombies on a 2D spaceship game called Continuum waaay back in the day that does it like this, tonnes of fun and that was only with 200-300 players or so. Games would last for a couple hours at times. You'd get huge bands of humans banding together in vast gangs because sustained firepower was a great way to survive but eventually and inevitably the lines would break under vast hordes of zombies and as soon as one human in that pack turned it would turn into chaos. Then you'd have the singular loner folks and smaller groups scattered everywhere.

Lots of fun and would be a blast in first person.

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