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Originally Posted by Lokster View Post
Good idea. This would be the only way I would support an AI faction. If they have their own island and stay off ours ;-).

Sounds like there could be some fun events created with this concept.
You mean there are actually people who think AI could be used as anything more than defense? Offensive AI is too problematic because they can attack too...precisely...

But defensive AI is a different story. Also, I just had another thought...defensive AI could be used as a check on stealth capping. They could do away with the lattice system and basically, you can cap any flag no matter how deep in enemy territory, but there would be 2 defenses against it:
1. AI defenders providing a minimal defense that will prevent 1 man lone wolf caps
2. The farther a base behind the lines, the longer the cap timers/hack timers are, within reason.

It could even be possible to expend team or personal resources in order to buy additional AI forces to set up at bases.

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