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Re: 15 minute re-secure.

Originally Posted by Skitrel View Post
Those are interesting statements and choices of words.

Capturing versus hacking are different things. And as far as has been said Infiltrators are the only class that can hack, the wording used being that they're "the hacking class".
When allowed to do so, I will clarify information verbatim. However, I too have to interpret information based on what I am told. My intention is always to help others understand things as they develop and as with everything, it is early and much can and will change.

This has been my understanding of the how capturing will work. At this point, no REK is needed. No specific class is needed. Infiltrators will be the "Hackers" of the game, as hinted about the way generators would work. This is likely to be some form of overload.

As for the "flag" style of capture mechanic, it has it's pros and cons. Old school players may complain because that is simply not how it worked before, but it is likely that the amount of time needed for a solo player will be significant, as to prevent "ghost hacking". I imagine the time needed will be cut drastically when you get closer to a squad sized number of enemy.
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