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It would only be fair if you spend equal %s on food, clothing etc.

So if you earn $8000 and you buy a loaf of bread, you pay $1. If you earn 8 million, you pay 1/8000th too and pay $1000.

Then you can say it's flat rate. Flat rate is not "fair", it benefits the rich much, much more than the poor. I don't vote labour, but even I see the consequences of taxing the mass-consumer who stimulate the economy, over those people that hardly spend more on the economy. The whole point of being rich is that you have money stockpiled. Keeping that money going around in the economy is much better for it. You can still stockpile money if you're taxed more, so much that you don't have to work a lot anymore, but a smaller amount is taken out of the economy than would otherwise be the case with a flat rate.
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