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Originally Posted by Malorn View Post
Ignored because it isn't relevant. Community things are funded by communities and states, not the federal government. People who want to contribute to community stuff are free to donate that to whatever charity organization they want. They can also donate to the state if they have strong convictions - the state won't refuse a donation from a citizen.

And like states won't refuse, neither will the federal government. If Buffet wants to donate his money to the government he's welcome to.

But he doesn't.

He puts his money in the Gates Foundation.

And you keep yapping on about being "Fair" - fair is voluntary donations to the government and flat taxes. Forcing people to do anything is not fair at all.

You have a strange concept of fairness thinking that other people are entitled to my stuff simply because I have more stuff.
Well then, let's abolish taxes all together and trust on the egocentrism of people to do the right thing and allow them to decide just how much money they hand over to the government or to community projects. Regardless of how much money they have.

If you truly believe that works, you have absolutely no sense of judgement of people. Though that's quite apparant anyway.
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