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Malorn, you do realise that absolute capitalism gave rise to communism as a counter-force because it created an exploitation of workforce?

Strange concept as it may sound to you, but having a bit more social responsible free market economy prevents communism from getting strong support.

Taking care of your fellow countrymen when able to is actually not just fair, it's a moral responsibility and a tool to improve the economy and the effectiveness of your employees. And in the end you, your economy and your company benefit greatly from motivated, wealthy employees who feel appreciated, secure and are not stressed because of job insecurity, healthcare issues, having to lick the higher up's arses (meaning bad decision making is questioned) and that people aren't exploited for their money - like your whole banking system which is the exact opposite and resulted in great economic and social malpractice.

Pure, unbridled capitalism corrupts. The current economic poor climate has been created in the USA by banking systems that are completely capitalist in setup without any remorse or concern for selling bad products to people using lies.

Your ideal society is ran by Goldman & Sachs? Because with a free market without any regulation to prevent excesses and exploitation, you will run into these situations.

What do you think for instance of hatch funds that buy up companies just to make a short term profit by selling all their assets individualy to the highest bidder? The companies, employees and social impact of the destruction of these companies for short term gains is not beneficial to society or the economy. The only ones profiting from this are the hatch funds and they don't contribute much to the economy. Hatch funds, a product of unregulated free market stock exchange, are counter to the "American Dream" where you can make it if you just work hard: you will be bought and sold out whenever the opportunity arises. That is NOT what good business is all about and it is not rewarding for those people who worked hard to get that company to the point it becomes interesting to split it up and get as much money out of the real estate et all as possible. Companies are not created with the intend to be cut into pieces at the first opportunity to make short term gains for the elite few.

A world that only thinks in individualist ways without regards for the bigger picture will end up destroying itself. Freedom for the individual is great, but it should not cost every other individual. Because if you didn't realise it yet, society is made up of individuals that form groups, peoples, nations and economies, together.

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