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Originally Posted by Sobekeus View Post
The national sales tax could literally be 0.1% and generate more than enough revenue for the federal government to do its Constitutionally required duties.

Also, politicians should not be paid more than minimum wage equivalent to a 40 hour work week.
Our government could just do some major tax reform. But sadly, that is not good in an election year. I mean, look at our dumb republicans who signed that stupid Grover Norquist pledge to not raise taxes on anyone (businesses and people) back when the committee for deficit reduction was formed. You want to change the tax code, something is in the thousands of pages, that pledge makes it very difficult. Now, looking at our federal budget, it is obvious something needs to give. We cant just raise taxes and we can't just cut all our programs. When you have people like that douche who is just a lobbyist able to wield that much power, I tend to loose hope in our government.

Commenting on your thing about congress, I like what Rick Perry wanted to do with them. Granted I think he was a general idiot, but I liked his idea of what he wanted congress to be. Congress was never supposed to be a full time job with endless lucrative benefits and a damn nice pay. You were meant to be an expert in whatever field you were in and serve your government and provide advice when needed and then go back to your job and let someone else get in. Now we have a ton of really old guys who are stubborn and wont die or leave office to a new face (regardless of political affiliation).
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