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Re: PlanetSide 2 bases need toilets (immersion).

Originally Posted by vVRedOctoberVv View Post
It's probably a little late in the level design for them to do this initially, but I definitely think it would be cool to have this sort of stuff at some point.

As many have already explained, it's all about immersion. Those moments in between the fighting... but also those moments DURING the fighting. Imagine assaulting the TR administration, moving into the office area and engaging in a firefight. Which is more appealing? The office area being an empty or sparsely furnished "room"? Or the office area having desks, chairs, water cooler, book shelves, computer terminals, etc? Even more, imagine paper, sparks, bits of stuff flying around when a grenade goes off. It helps you forget, just for a few seconds, that it's all make believe.
I agree 100%. Ziba Tower in BF3 has this kind of effect. Not a huge fan of the close quartars pack, but that exact thing you're talking about they did right. We're talking sprinklers, papers shredding in the air, office chairs bursting, all that.
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