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primarily because they feel guilty about the holocaust and can't see **** as anything other than victims.
EDITED quote (sorry, forgot to mention the edit ).

Plus they're a culture closer to Christian culture than islam due to the wars between the two.

That said, nobody who criticizes Israel here thinks you're wrong when you say Hamas is pure inbred indoctrinating evil and should probably be removed with a rusty scalpel. Just that people expect a western nation to apply civilian casualty restricting tactics. Something nigh impossible when fighting civilian militants who both deliberately and through incapacity and lack of organization and means can't really do any different than fight a guerrilla from within their towns. And yes, most people put almost equal blame on both parties for civilian casualties then, but it's expected from Hamas because they are expected to have lower standards. It's not "fair", but then, when was war fair? People don't expect the easy way out for Israel, which would have been to deport them all as that would have been doing what Germany did to the **** and wouldn't be accepted.

Perhaps it just wasn't a very thoughtout idea to unilaterally declare the Jewish state of Israel back in 1948...

Btw, I'd imagine most people think of the PLO as the IRA: pretty much reformed and beaten into submission with some rogue elements left. Israelis aren't quite as hated as Hamas. But that doesn't mean you can't be critical of Israel, especially if you project western standards on them and expect them to uphold it. Nobody expects anything from a third rate terrorist organization and nobody wishes their methods well. That doesn't mean they can't sympathise with an underdog, which is natural to humans too.

ETA is probably considered to have better ethics than Hamas and that's telling!

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