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PSEmu - PlanetSide Emulator

Hey PSU community. I used to play PlanetSide regularly back in 2004-2007 but since the servers are empty there just isn't a way to recapture the same feeling. I know one day those servers will go down forever and never come back. We all know this. It's only a matter of time. I tried to play PlanetSide 2 when it came out, but it just didn't have the same feeling. It wasn't the same pace and there wasn't a goal.

I don't like knowing that a game that held so many memories for me could just vanish overnight. No more logins, no more classic music, or sound - nothing would be left except memories. That's why I'm here to ask what the old, new, and current PlanetSide players think about the creation of a PlanetSide 1 private server / emulator.

Work has already begun on making this happen. Regardless of player interest, this is going to open sourced for the public record within the next year. Our hope is to have an extensible server that emulates the old PlanetSide experience, minus the "ClientSide" parts. Cheat protection is a #1 goal of the PSEmu project as we all know that hackers played a big part in killing the spirit of this game. Although my investigations are early, we believe more server side checks could eliminate hacks such as the "pull", flying, and rate of fire. As the recreation effort moves forward, these features will receive a lot of attention.

Another vision we have is the ability for the server to support a scriptable bot engine. In lieu of large populations, bots could make fights playable instead of just plain empty.

That's about all I have to offer at the moment. A mere announcement/poll.
What features would you like to see if a new server could be created? What should be the primary focuses? So how about it - would you play PSEmu?

EDIT: Join the effort at

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