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Originally Posted by Chord View Post
A website will definitely be in order for the future. I'm not rushing to get one up just yet as I'm concerned about PS trademarks and legalities. SWGEmu is a great example of an emulator done right. A lot of pages can be taken from their book on how to run things.

I don't like the idea of running around with dumb bots myself, but it was just an interesting idea for the future. The only reason I could see for them in PSEmu would be for times when population is low. If this project has enough people, well, bots would become a side project. I do like the island idea though: Battle Bot Island maybe?

Glad to hear you're on board.
I honestly doubt that anyone maintaining a current PlanetSide 1/2 trademark would be agree to something like this, but who knows for sure.

At the moment, I don't have a well organized source tree and things are still in their earlier stages, but I'll keep this thread updated with any progress I make. Currently I'm working on allowing the PS client to login to my custom server.
soe/daybreak has done crazier shit before. tbh, it probably can't hurt to find smed's email and give him a good faith conversation just to try. whats the worst he can do? give another solid commitment he fails to keep his word on? (Hi PS2 2.0 update). I doubt he gives much of a shit about ps1, and it wouldn't shock me if he wanted to unload the task of that version of the game to someone else.

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