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Originally Posted by TopDawg View Post
If this ever takes off, might I suggest for balance:
  • BR20 (no extra cert points - can keep armor color from BR25)
  • No cert combinations/pooled certs
  • No BFRs
  • No WASPs
  • Either remove or adjust the Gal Gunship
  • Keep the nerfed rocket pods for Reaver (and reduce its armor to what it was supposed to be before they never fixed it from an event)
  • Keep the nerfed plasma Thumper (and nerf hand held plasma grenades to match that nerf)
  • Get rid of 120 health (always 100, all the time)

I'm sure there's more, and other adjustments that could easily be made (Cycler buff, Beamer buff, Mosquito nerf against infantry, etc), but that seems like an okay baseline to build from. And if it has to be a specific patch, sometime before BFRs is the obvious choice.
Do you happen know of a place that has been keeping track of previous balance changes like this? A job in itself will be to gather damage tables for weapons, effects, vehicles, etc. My goal will be to get things as close to what they are today (for feature completeness) and then deciding what the balance point should be.
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