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Originally Posted by ringring View Post
I'm sorry to say this but I think you have zero chance of getting permission from DBG to do this.

As long as Planetside 2 is going and even after the Planetside IP is valuable and DBG won't just let it go.
Even if I can't get official permission, this is first and foremost a learning experience for me. I hope for all of you that there aren't issues, but I'm prepared to go forward either way.

Originally Posted by Logit View Post
... before you dedicate a significant amount of your life to it ...
Yeah you're not kidding. Check out the list of PlanetSide packet OPCodes to message type. It's just lucky that due to C++ RTTI all of the virtual class names were kept. Otherwise GG.

Originally Posted by Logit View Post
I played SWGEMU for a bit and even at peak times there are no more than 1500 people logged in, most of which are afkers that are running macros. Most of the people wouldn't even be logged in if they couldn't afk grind.
I saw a recent play through of SWGEMU and I was pretty disappointed myself.
Running emulators for dead games are much harder and less gratifying it seems.

Originally Posted by Logit View Post
My .02

- Planetside needs active players to be any fun at all, and I don't think bots will provide that experience.
We're in full agreement here. Bots, unless they are some revolutionary AI (they won't), would still be lacking a human aspect. Population is definitely one of the biggest issues.

Originally Posted by Logit View Post
- Even without hackers there are a lot of things wrong with this game that would be tough to fix and balance from the ground up.

- It would be tough to march everyone back to the stone age, and only give them BR20. Even if the emulator is a complete success that's a very small amount of certs to work with to make it worthwhile when you can't be expecting a few hundred people to be logged on at any given time.

- There are a lot of core combat features that make the game fun, so scraping all of it would be a waste imo. If BFR's had to make a come back, the 45 minute timer would have to come back, or even longer. The game could live without them though.

- Making a more in depth tutorial would be good.

I could go on and on, but step 1 should be asking daybreak, because I have a feeling they won't be on board.
The only goal right now is to replicate the game as is. Your concerns are definitely valid and yeah, the game is pretty broken as is. It's an uphill battle. Hearing your arguments alone would be disheartening because you're right, but what's keeping me motivated is the chance to do a serious project from scratch, regardless if anyone uses it, and to get some hardcore reverse engineering experience along the way.

In other news, I've got all of the Login crypto reversed and replicated. I won't be bypassing it. No cool screenshots yet, still need make a server framework from scratch.
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