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Cool Planetside Dev Interview! You Ask the Q's!

PSU has secured an Email Interview with the Planetside Dev Team. Rather than formulating the questions ourselves, we are looking to the community for the top 10 Questions. We think this community involvement will get us better questions overall. <a href="" target="_blank">PSI</a> will be involved with several questions as well which PSU will send in.

Please reply in the following way:

Your Name:
Your Question:
Your Question2:

Please only reply once, and only reply with a question(s). If you want to add a question, edit your post. This thread will be broken down in 7 days; the PSU staff will then pick the questions and formulate them to an email.

BTW, dont bother asking, "when is beta" because we probably wont select those questions for the email It gets asked daily heheh

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