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Re: Planetside Dev Interview! You Ask the Q's!

Your Name: -Shiver-

Question: For a while now we've been able to view info, screenshots and videos of the five released vehciles, yet we know there will be a good few more (of which the info is sketchy). Are you able to give us a full run down on all of the vehicles (as you did with the implant info) and maybe a little media including them.

Question: Another equipment related question, what are all the suits of armor that are universally available (not including the MAX and stealth suit) to players, and what sort of advantages will each suit give the wearer.

Question: How will orbital drops be implemented, i.e. are there seperate stations for each empire where you and your sqaud may congregate before taking one large drop together to your target? Are the advantages of drop pods so immense that there will need to be a limit on how often a player can use them, and if so how will this be done?

Question: Can you expand on the advantages of CEPs, as in what abilities will the top commanders have other than extra chat rooms? e.g. a little bit of info on "top-down control of a squad" and "waypoint assignments" or "hot zones".

I wouldn't expect to get much information back from my last question as it's probably not implemented yet so you're allowed to leave that one out Here's another list of Q's which other people have put down and I think need to be in the interview, in full

The first question belongs to PSI, and this is how I think it should read ... Question: Can you give us an overview of the types of certifications we will be seeing in game? Perhaps a few details, such as; will they be arranged in a skill tree (forcing specialisation to reach the most valuable certs) or will we be able to select any cert at any time can we pick from any cert we want (with excpetions of, must have hacking before adv.hacking)?

The second question has already been written out by Zarparchior, and the PSI community though of a few other parts related to it ... Question: Will the player store ammo in clip or bullet form? If the ammo is stored in clips, will reloading your weapon discard the ammo in the old clip which has not been used, will you retain half empty clips and will you have the ability to combine clips? If it's all bullets, none of the above would work, you get the idea

My Last Edit: Can we get a little media/trailer/teaser soon!? Can -Shiver- and Hamma be in beta!? Why aren't we seeing much dev interaction with the small community compared to other sony/verant titles!?

Just had to get them off my chest, and I think that's me all out of Q's
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