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Your Name: Nubi
Your Question: How many players will be accepted into Beta?
Question2: Will it be public beta or invite?
Question3: Will there be more weapons and vehicles and what not in the real release?
Question4: Will the game be just a deathmatch like it showed in the videos?
Question5: Will there ever be naval units?
Question6: What's to prevent people from whoring a weapon? I.E. an empire deploying about 100 vanguards or 500 snipers defending one base
Question7: What are the system Reqs for it? Will a GF 4 MX 440 be enough (I know it sux but...)
Question8: How will you "capture" a base? Will there be a switch you have to pull or something?
Question9: Will we be able to, some day, build our own bases (not empires, just outposts)?
Question10: Will the source files be editable? To prevent someone from putting all empires in bright pink (to cheat with)

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