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Name: Nohimn
Question1: What other weapons/suits/vehicles/implants are there?
Question2: When will beta be?
Question3: Will the beta be public or invitational?
Question4: Will you appear on radar if you have stealth armor?
Question5: What other aircrafts will there be?
Question6: Is the Bolt Driver the only sniper rife?
Question7: How are missions assigned?
Question8: How are missions assigned for outfits?
Question9: What is the closest release date possible?
Question10: Can you confirm the system requirements?
Question11: What are the names of the continents?
Question12: Is there inertia?(let's say that you are on a bus. When you jump while in the bus, you don't go flying back like in most videogames. Will this, and any other problems with physics, be a problem?)

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