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Sporkfire dropped by our forums today to let us know that the Test Server will be online today. He also tossed in some instructions as well as some information about the dreaded Jackhammer:
Hello all,

For those who haven't visited the Official Forums or the PlanetSide Web Site today, I wanted to let you know that the Test Server will be available today, featuring the debut of the Liberator.

In the future, you'll see all fixes and content additions on this server first. Instructions for accessing Test Server can be found at the
PlanetSide Web Site.

We also announced these two adjustments coming soon:

1) Heavy Assault: The Mini-Chaingun and the Lasher will both be enhanced to help them meet the power of the Jackhammer. The Jackhammer's properties will not be altered. We'll announce more details on the enhancements as they get closer to implementation.

2) Thresher: The Thresher will see its armor brought up to be equal to the Marauder and the Enforcer. Its weapon will also see some enhancements as well. We are also planning to resolve the terrain damage issues that the hover vehicles may suffer, as well as their difficulties leaving the vehicle pads.

You will be able to preview both of these adjustments on the Test Server before they go live.

Here are the instructions:
  • Patch Planetside normally.
  • Copy (do not move) the entire Planetside directory to a new location on your computer.
  • In the PS directory, find "PlanetSideTest.exe"
  • Make a shortcut to the test patcher on your desktop.
  • Run the patcher and, if desired, hit "play" to enter the Planetside test environment.
  • You'll go to a server selection where three servers will be listed. Select the "Public Test" server.
  • At this point you'll be able to enter "Public Test" normally.
Click here to head over to the official site and read the news.

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