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Re: Stop SOPA From Becoming Law

Moving webbased companies offshore is exactly what the US does NOT need. As much as it is about our freedoms, our choking economy could not afford such a blow.

To attack piracy you must provide a better service than the pirate site. That's why you have Pandora, Vevo, last.FM, Hulu, Steam, ifuckingTunes. The day of Bearshare and Limewire is dwindling as more people flock to these garunteed safe ways to enjoy entertainment. There will always be the few who take advantage, no different than in any market. But to essentially stop a website like Youtube because some dipshit upload Snooki getting lit up in a bar is batshit insane. Or say a site like this because someone wanted to unofficially restart a Hot Girls thread and took pictures from a Playboy magazine. Nononononononono.

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