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Re: Help a Brit build his PC!

I know you said you were reusing your monitor. But if you can afford it... This is my dream monitor. I have the normal 60hz version. This is the 120hz 3d version! Have to look at reviews to compare to other 3ds. I just drool over it. Pricey though. Asus 27" 120hz 3d monitor with glasses.
Youtube preview

Side note: I ran into this problem... If you are upgrading check for compatibility with non SATA stuff in the computer like HDDs and CD/DVD etc on the motherboard. I found that out the hard way. It was the one thing I didn't catch when I updated my hardware last. They have switched to non EIDE as a standard for SATA hookups internally now, commonly. Though you may be able to find EIDE/parallel hookups as well.

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