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Re: Another Artillery Thread

Would you guys stop bloviating! Plus, it dosn't look like you used the word correctly the first time, your definition of the ANT's use dosn't make any sense with the definition of interdict...

in•ter•dictˈɪn tərˌdɪkt; ˌɪn tərˈdɪkt(n.; v.)
any prohibitory act or decree of a court or an administrative officer.

Category: Law

a punishment by which the faithful, remaining in communion with the Roman Catholic Church, are forbidden certain sacraments and prohibited from participation in certain sacred acts.

Category: Religion

(v.t.)to forbid; prohibit.

to cut off authoritatively from certain ecclesiastical functions and privileges.

Category: Religion

to impede the flow of (troops, supplies, etc.) or hinder the use of (a road, airfield, etc.) by steady ground fire or bombing. to impede the shipment of (supplies, contraband, etc.) by military operations or other aggressive measures.

I could not find interdictable, but I know it is a word. Is the 5th definition similar to your definition of interdictable? If not, what do you think interdictable means so I can better understand your post. And again, stop bloviating it undermines your credibility. Please take that as a friendly pointer, not trying to be a jerk here.

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