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Re: Another Artillery Thread

So many of these threads,

Well I already explained a 2 person vehicle that acts as a self propelled artillery.

Driver will have to deploy it first in order before the gunner could fire the main cannon.
With that restriction it is almost pratical to solo it as you drive to the battery site, deploy, then switch to the gunner seat, but doing that will have you loose mobility and easy prey for groun raiding aircraft or even enemy armored collumns.

Shells should be anti-infantry for the most part allowing vehicles and tanks to get by with only moderate damage. Something for a zerg control.

TR should have a double cannon howletzer which give it the highest rate of fire.

NC should have some sort of multiple rocket launcher system which would give it the widest AOE per shot but not a high rate of fire.

VS would have some energy flail mortor. Has the same rate of fire as the NC and the same AOE as the TR, just longer range than both.
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