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Originally posted by Dio
Depends from where you look.

Yeah it's easier to hit someone who can't jet up but if there was a jetpack then the same can be said about the other guy, with his jetpack it's easier to not get hit and just jump away instead of trying to dodge/strafe his way into killing his attacker.
thats where you start seeing skill. same with tribes.

some people could MA, some couldnt. people played and practiced...and over time they got good.

they are able to MA people with discs (rockets or projectile weapons in here) and chainwhore (minigun etc) and snipe moving targets (sniper rifle in here) with ease.

it would distinguish skilled players over people who can simply move along the ground and strafe/fire/time shots.

but i guess they arent exactly looking for the type of crowd that wants it to take time/skill to master.

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