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Originally posted by Kyonye
i'm going to have a bolt driver too, but, with the one body shot type deal where its the same amount of damage for any part of the body, they have completely rendereed the effect of what the point is for the bolt driver.
If anything theyve made it better, just think about it, the only people one can really cap with one shot were lights right? so whether or not you can get a hs doesnt matter. Its not gonna be relatively easy to sit in a field and snipe by yourself anyways, most people will be in vehicles and the direction fire is incoming from is show on your crosshair, did you see the vids that showed all the red arrows? So basically a one shot kill isnt gonna help much when you only get one shot before everyone and their brother knows where you are.

The usefulness of a sniper would be to get the imaging module and pick off the weak assaulters of a base, IMO ofcourse. If anything they just made it a lot easier for you to get a shot on someone, chest v helmet.
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