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Re: First time playing Planetside

Well ill give you some pointers this may help you get a feel for the game.
1. Stay in sanctuary, get the xp for running around and playing with the equipment.

2. Spend your certs wisely, though they can be reassigned, find out a good combination.

3. follow the zerg, get a feel for large scale combat, well what battles are still going on. I dont know how populated the game is lately.

4. Find an outfit, Im sure there are outfits that have went inactive, have gone active looking for new recruits for PS2.

5. listen to your squad leaders during the fight, makes for lots of wins and lots of wins means more xp.

6. once you get use to the different bases, and know how they work, volunteer to lead, you should not ignore Command Rank (CR). Nothing like calling down the wrath of god

7. Most of all have fun, I made alot of online friends and we still hang out online to this day.

I started in 2003 and stopped in 2008, now I just log in periodically, and run around. Alot is going to change when PS2 comes out so dont get to used to the michanics of PS1, but the large scale combat and the team play will be there im for sure.
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