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Originally Posted by Warborn View Post
Reaver/mosquito pilot spotted.
No matter what, you will be always be one of those players that comes to complain about your own shortcomings on the forums of games you will not take the time to learn to be good at. Piloting alone did not make you "good" at PS1, but it was a skill that was learned by the vast amount of good players.

I've seen your kind before, especially in the PS community. One that has zero concept of how game mechanics work on even a basic level. You play "support" without ever exploring how to also assist your team by killing another player. I know for a FACT that one play style does not just win planetside. This game is about how effective you can be in your own style of play, I've seen players across the board be exceptional at very specific play styles - pure grunt, support players, engineers, and even ATV drivers. All of them, however, have basic talents at every other aspect of the game and can help when needed. These players also have a tendency to not blame the limitations of their play style on other aspects of the game or members of the community who have a direct counter to them. They work their way around these limitations by becoming more flexible and gaining a deep understanding of how this game works.

Yep, I fly the reaver/mosquito - in fact I greatly enjoy that aspect of the game. Do I personally agree that there is too much AA? Absolutely. However, I've worked my way around it STILL to this day. It was said best by a friend of mine in this community: "No matter how much you complain on the forums, and how much you get things changed or nerfed for your personal enjoyment, we WILL always find a way to wipe the floor with you." My play style is effective, but I'm effective at almost every other aspect of the game as well. In fact, I'm willing to bet I'm more effective at your own particular play style than YOU are.

Sure, there are imbalances in the game - I can even admit that. Aircraft USED to be very over powered, but they are so held back by the amount of AA these days it's silly. Not that I mind, I'm still playing 100% more effectively at any role than you ever did at just one.
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