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As an NC for 5 years, Riding in vanguards, flying in reavers, battling in the hills with my trusty Gauss Rifle and Just plain Brunt Forcing my way into Bases with my Jackhammer.

With the Planetside 2 on its way, and other empires teasing me, last night i gave TR ago, now i mainy only play NC but i was shocked!?!

Logged on as a TR my BEP doubled, my kills tripled, It was really weird but i enjoyed it. The Minigun is a very good weapon, yes! jackhammer is great when your faces but Minigun has that style that feel, i was rolling double kills, and a few triple kills.

At times i keep firing at TR when there jumping around the sides but all round was great night, so for now i will step down as a CR5 NC and fell the power of the TR!


See MagpieTR in game help him get to CR5
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